Handy Resources to Learn Kotlin Easily A huge list to get you started in no time

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Ever since Google announced Kotlin as a first class language for Android I have been dipping myself into the language heavily. On my little adventure to getting a good grasp of the language and speed up my Android app development process, I stumbled upon a lot of useful articles, videos, libraries and open source sample projects demonstrating the beauty of Kotlin.

In this article, I will be listing out various of such resources to help you learn Kotlin in a short time without banging your head on the wall.

Note: This list isn’t complete or final. It will be updated frequently with new resources, so you can bookmark this page or save it in Pocket to be aware of the new additions.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Official Resources

Start your Kotlin journey with these helpful resources and medium brought to you by the team behind the language.

Books & Videos

Enrich your knowledge with these handy books and videos prepared for you by some of the best developers.




Take your Kotlin development skills with the real life experiences and handy tricks on the language and some frameworks.

Why Kotlin?

How to Kotlin?

Exploring Kotlin

Experiences using Kotlin

Sample Projects

Assuming that you have either went through the articles and docs in the previous sections of this article or already have some prior knowledge of the language, these sample projects will help you dig deeper and see more usages of Kotlin without pulling out your hair.


Now that you’re ready to supercharge your development using Kotlin, these libraries with help you save more development time and effort.

  • Kotlin Android Template – An Android project template using Kotlin/MVP/ReactiveX. It provides a generator to rapidly create a Kotlin Android template project
  • Anko – Pleasant Android application development by JetBrains
  • Mystique – A generalized adapter for RecyclerView on Android which makes it easy to add heterogeneous items to a list
  • AsyncAwait – async/await for Android built upon coroutines introduced in Kotlin 1.1
  • RxKotlin – RxJava bindings for Kotlin
  • Konfetti – Celebrate more with this lightweight confetti particle system
  • Kodein – Painless Kotlin Dependency Injection
  • Kapsule – Minimalist dependency injection library for Kotlin
  • Spek – A specification framework for Kotlin
  • Redux Kotlin – Predictable state container for Kotlin apps
  • MaterialDrawerKt – A Kotlin DSL wrapper around the mikepenz/MaterialDrawer library
  • Kotpref – Android SharedPreferences delegation library for Kotlin
  • Kotlin Jetpack – A collection of useful extension methods for Android
  • Anvil – Minimal UI library for Android inspired by React
  • funKTionale – Functional constructs for Kotlin
  • Mockito Kotlin – Using Mockito with Kotlin
  • TimberKt – Easy Android logging with Kotlin and Timber
  • Kotson – Kotlin bindings for JSON manipulation via Gson
  • Exposed – Kotlin SQL Framework
  • DBFlow – A blazing fast, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library that writes database code for you
  • Result – The modeling for success/failure of operations in Kotlin
  • Konsent – An acceptance test library for Kotlin
  • PaperParcel – Auto-generate the fastest possible Parcelable implementations for Java and Kotlin
  • Stepper-Touch – Stepper Touch for Android based on MaterialUp submission
  • Bubble – Screen orientation detector for android
  • KotliQuery – A handy Database access library in Kotlin
  • Kotlin Monads – Monads for Kotlin
  • Koda Time – Joda Time Extensions by Kotlin
  • Kotlin Statistics – Idiomatic statistical operators for Kotlin
  • Bubble Picker – An easy-to-use animation which can be used for content picking for Android
  • SearchFilter – Implementing Search Filter Animation in Kotlin for Quora Meets LinkedIn, Our App Design Concept
  • Multi-Selection – Multiselection Solution for Android in Kotlin


Add-ons for your IDE to make your Kotlin coding experience even better and ship products faster.


Other resources that don’t quite fit into a category but are useful to be aware of and use them as required.

  • Kotlin Developers on LinkedIn – A group on LinkedIn where you can interact and share ideas with other Kotlin developers
  • Talking Kotlin – A bimonthly podcast that covers the Kotlin programming language by JetBrains, as well as related technologies. Hosted by Hadi Hariri
  • Kotlin on Stack Overflow – Find questions and answers related to Kotlin
  • Kotlin on Reddit – A Reddit group devoted to all things Kotlin

Wrapping Up

I have tried to cover as many useful resources as I could to feature in this list. Nevertheless, I might have missed something wonderful. If you think you have something on your mind which deserves to be here, then do feel free to mention it here in the comments section and I will consider it for adding to the list.

As I have already said that this list is not final and it subject to change as new resources pop up. Be sure to save this link so that you can be aware of new additions and stay updated with the latest resources to help you out with your development.


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